Owning a small business may be a dream come true, but it can also be time-consuming. If often requires hours hunched over the computer responding to emails, filing reports, or managing a budget. However, there is a solution to your hefty workload; hire a virtual assistant! Here at JMS Services, we work alongside small to medium sized businesses to ease their workload without affecting their profit margin.

What We Offer

Unlike full-time secretaries and assistants, we only charge you for the hours we work on your project. There is no need to commit to a 40-hour a week assistant. Our work is done virtually, eliminating the need for an expensive office space, 401K plan contributions, or workman?s comp. Additionally, we are highly trained in the necessary virtual assistance fields including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access and both Windows and Mac OS. When you hire JMS Service to be your virtual assistant, you are hiring highly trained, experienced US-based professionals.

Let us Take Over your To-Do List

If your to-do list is following you around like a black cloud, give it to us. We have all the tools necessary to professionally finish your to-do list on-time, every time, leaving you with plenty of FREE time! Let us take over so you can sleep at night.

We excel in several specialty fields including:

  • Detailed scheduling.
  • Customer Service interaction.
  • Word Processing.
  • Superior Data Entry.
  • Basic Accounting service.

Restructure your Business and Energize Your Productivity with JMS Services

Revolutionize the way you handle your business and let us take care of the everyday tasks for you without going over budget. Our highly trained team will help you energize your productivity while saving you thousands of dollars every year. We believe you should love your business, and it is our goal to help you do so. Let us take the burden of tedious tasks off your shoulders by hiring us today!